Hi guys, I know I am not on here very often, but I plan to change that. Stepping up and being grateful today. Sometimes I can catch myself being a little greedy, and I don’t like that. Remaining grateful and blessed will be so much more rewarding in the long run, giving people more reason to respect you. We are all challenged in many ways daily, as we have our own character defects to squash, sometimes even every moment of the day and THAT IS OK! Recognizing it is what I am going to be doing to remain grateful.

Hope you all enjoyed V-day whether it was alone and that is how  you wanted it or it was with your Valentine’s.

This weekend I will embrace on my  blessings..




Be Awesome Today!

I am so happy it’s Friday, even though it’s raining here in the PNW!

I wanted to tell each and everyone of you who is struggling in some way, whether it’s finding yourself, maybe it’s struggling with confidence and thinking you aren’t worth it, maybe you feel defeated in some sort of way, that I think you are doing what God sent you here to do, and that a lot of crap and negativity will try to define you, but don’t allow it.

Each and everyone of us are going to go through great-good-comfortable-bad and the ugly, it’s absolute inevitable. But let me tell you, all that matters is your MIND-SET, if you think life sucks and your worthless, then it does and you are! I know it’s tough to hear, but if you think life is beautiful and you are going to embrace it no matter what or who throws curve balls at you because YOU ARE A BEAST, then IT IS and YOU ARE a BEAST!

Dream big, however big is big to you, don’t hesitate to know you can do whatever you want, don’t settle for mediocrity and negativity, we  all deserve to live life on the highest mountain top. Remember, even if you don’t have kids or grand kids or that special person you have raised in some way, someone is watching you and you are their inspiration and their coach for life, if you are a small thinker and chilling on the couch the entire day that is what you will show them, if you are a big thinker and out running your life and conquering life, they will see that as well.

I don’t care who you are, someone is watching you and you may not even know it.

Go be awesome! Don’t settle for slum!

Continued from 2014..

Hey everyone, it’s been so long since I have been on here or uploaded anything. I am so excited, that I am still “Living after addiction” and boy has life happened. Right in front of my eyes.

Last year my husband had cancer, and we went through a long process of healing. I have two adult children, plus my beautiful daughter in law… And I cannot express how much I love my grand babies. I have 2. YES 2. This is so amazing and they are the most precious babies. I am not bias, I promise. Ha!

I work full time, in another amazing manufacturing company, I still work my Mary Kay, which is actually what I started when I stopped writing my blogs.<>..I got really busy, I was building a unit and earning a FREE car! So cool.

Now, I am just going to enjoy every day, live for today! I am planning some trips in the next year to the beach, hopefully NYC and also maybe somewhere tropical! I would love to just have some experiences we usually say “we are too broke, we are too busy” you know all the excuses we come up with not to live the life we want. I want to be happy, and I want my family to be happy.

Oh, and lastly, my youngest boy Braydon, went to his very first middle school dance yesterday! Crazy~

Well, I will be back way more often, this is me signing off!

It could be worse

Lots going on in my life,  life changing events, some days are better than others, but I am grateful for my life and the trials I get to go through as a woman of love and integrity! Tomorrow I get to serve dinner for the homeless at a shelter and I am really glad, things like this make me remember how lucky I am!


Today I will remember where I was 5 years ago, and be ok with my oldest son getting irritated by me or  annoyed by how much I do care, he says is “Suffocating”, I call it “love”!

I have to remember I am doing my job to the best of my ability.

XO Mom of a almost adult!


Today I want to express what my blog is all about, and my website is all about.

It’s about inspiring those around you, those who are close and those who may never ever meet you. I think our biggest job in life is make sure we are setting an example others, and while we are at it, we show gracious walks, compassion and honesty.

Be that person everyone remembers as Inspiring in so many kind ways. Image

Reach for the Stars!

Reach for the Stars!

Don’t settle for what you have, reach for the stars, follow your dreams and try to make a difference. We often see others (including myself) are just content, why not find a new talent or reach higher than what you have. Be somebody, do something with your amazing talents, sometimes, we don’t even know we have them.


A mother of 3 boys, a wife, a full time employee and a recovering addict, equals MANIC!  Sometimes I am full of stress, whether it be my home in total chaos with the shoes everywhere, the papers scattered, our stuff flung every and anywhere, or my mind emotionally in chaos. I sit here and think, is this what life is all about, the day to day work, cook, clean, taxi, bills, to have what? A home, Children, stability, freedom? The answer is Yes! All these things we do daily is to have a positive life, maybe not rich, but full of love! Sometimes, we go through obstacles that we don’t think we can bear, and standing strong is the way to go through it. I notice myself in complete high level stress more often than not, the laundry is never done, the house never stays clean, the kids always have something happening or going on, work you have to be there daily. Then there is health issues (you wish to ignore, but for how long), family and loved ones, you always want to be there for, you need to be there for. Sometimes I even find myself helping others so much that I just don’t know how to take care of myself. But I seem to redirect myself to me when I am really overwhelmed and remember the importance of being here today.  So when I say “I am living on life’s terms!” Doesn’t mean I am worry free or stress free. Means I am MANIC and want to run away many many days in a row. LOL! But then I realize, no Katie you are living on life’s terms, allowing the pain while embracing the joy of being free and having a amazing family to love. One day at a Time, without drinking alcohol or doing drugs of any kind. Feelings are part of my Happy and Manic life! Happy Monday all.