A mother of 3 boys, a wife, a full time employee and a recovering addict, equals MANIC!  Sometimes I am full of stress, whether it be my home in total chaos with the shoes everywhere, the papers scattered, our stuff flung every and anywhere, or my mind emotionally in chaos. I sit here and think, is this what life is all about, the day to day work, cook, clean, taxi, bills, to have what? A home, Children, stability, freedom? The answer is Yes! All these things we do daily is to have a positive life, maybe not rich, but full of love! Sometimes, we go through obstacles that we don’t think we can bear, and standing strong is the way to go through it. I notice myself in complete high level stress more often than not, the laundry is never done, the house never stays clean, the kids always have something happening or going on, work you have to be there daily. Then there is health issues (you wish to ignore, but for how long), family and loved ones, you always want to be there for, you need to be there for. Sometimes I even find myself helping others so much that I just don’t know how to take care of myself. But I seem to redirect myself to me when I am really overwhelmed and remember the importance of being here today.  So when I say “I am living on life’s terms!” Doesn’t mean I am worry free or stress free. Means I am MANIC and want to run away many many days in a row. LOL! But then I realize, no Katie you are living on life’s terms, allowing the pain while embracing the joy of being free and having a amazing family to love. One day at a Time, without drinking alcohol or doing drugs of any kind. Feelings are part of my Happy and Manic life! Happy Monday all.


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