Continued from 2014..

Hey everyone, it’s been so long since I have been on here or uploaded anything. I am so excited, that I am still “Living after addiction” and boy has life happened. Right in front of my eyes.

Last year my husband had cancer, and we went through a long process of healing. I have two adult children, plus my beautiful daughter in law… And I cannot express how much I love my grand babies. I have 2. YES 2. This is so amazing and they are the most precious babies. I am not bias, I promise. Ha!

I work full time, in another amazing manufacturing company, I still work my Mary Kay, which is actually what I started when I stopped writing my blogs.<>..I got really busy, I was building a unit and earning a FREE car! So cool.

Now, I am just going to enjoy every day, live for today! I am planning some trips in the next year to the beach, hopefully NYC and also maybe somewhere tropical! I would love to just have some experiences we usually say “we are too broke, we are too busy” you know all the excuses we come up with not to live the life we want. I want to be happy, and I want my family to be happy.

Oh, and lastly, my youngest boy Braydon, went to his very first middle school dance yesterday! Crazy~

Well, I will be back way more often, this is me signing off!


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