Be Awesome Today!

I am so happy it’s Friday, even though it’s raining here in the PNW!

I wanted to tell each and everyone of you who is struggling in some way, whether it’s finding yourself, maybe it’s struggling with confidence and thinking you aren’t worth it, maybe you feel defeated in some sort of way, that I think you are doing what God sent you here to do, and that a lot of crap and negativity will try to define you, but don’t allow it.

Each and everyone of us are going to go through great-good-comfortable-bad and the ugly, it’s absolute inevitable. But let me tell you, all that matters is your MIND-SET, if you think life sucks and your worthless, then it does and you are! I know it’s tough to hear, but if you think life is beautiful and you are going to embrace it no matter what or who throws curve balls at you because YOU ARE A BEAST, then IT IS and YOU ARE a BEAST!

Dream big, however big is big to you, don’t hesitate to know you can do whatever you want, don’t settle for mediocrity and negativity, we  all deserve to live life on the highest mountain top. Remember, even if you don’t have kids or grand kids or that special person you have raised in some way, someone is watching you and you are their inspiration and their coach for life, if you are a small thinker and chilling on the couch the entire day that is what you will show them, if you are a big thinker and out running your life and conquering life, they will see that as well.

I don’t care who you are, someone is watching you and you may not even know it.

Go be awesome! Don’t settle for slum!


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