Today I try to be selfless and do for others, I am so blessed to be clean and sober and have a roof over my head. I am so excited when I get the chance to help someone who isn’t as fortunate. Please if you just take a minute out of your day, to do something for somebody else, I am sure they will smile and be grateful.



I feel blessed that when I have the extra money or means Ia so more than willing to help others.  Thats what I get joy out of… doing for others what they either can’t do or get for themselves.  I have done alot. Im unable to do more closer to the holiday but I know soon enough I will give again.

The demons

The demons

Please pray for the others still suffering from this disease. All we can do is stay strong in our own recovery and make sure that we pray for the others to find it.


Welcome to my blog. This is only for me to inspire anyone who come’s across this, or more so for someone to comment and inspire me. This blog is mostly about being a recovering addict, living life sober today, being a parent now more than ever, and overcoming anything that comes my way.